Agriturismo in Liguria, La Spezia

Nature campsite with apartments, swimming pool and restaurant.

Cà du Chittu

Agriturismo Ca du Chittu complete with nature camping, apartments, and a restaurant. It is the ideal base for an active holiday, hiking in nature combined with cultural excursions.

Genoa, Pisa, and the beautiful beaches (Bonassola, Moneglia, Levanto) the UNESCO World Heritage Cinque Terre are within reach but just far enough from the crowds! Nice and peaceful in the nature of the Ligurian Mountains.

At the end of 2019 we, Daan and Kirsten, bought Agriturismo Ca du Chittu. Before that we lived in Amsterdam with our children Lou and Joe. We wanted something different, and we got it! Basic living, in nature, working towards living as self-sufficient as possible.

An agriturismo is an activity based on three essential pillars: agricultural production (or, alternatively, livestock breeding), the valorisation or improvement of the agricultural resources of the area and last but not least, the provision of some form of hospitality (dining, accommodation, etc.)

The agriturismo therefore offers us the opportunity to change our way of life and to integrate living with our work.

Everything we love music, animals, consciously dealing with nature, enjoying nature, good food, cooking and sharing this with others we find in Ca du Chittu!

Agriturismo Ca du Chittu is a place where we live in complete peace and freedom and we gradually work towards a farm where we can live off our own products, generate energy naturally, maintain our forest and use it to keep the house warm in the winter, and so forth…

We try to do everything as ecologically as possible and produce as little waste as possible. The animals eat what is left of the restaurant. Sustainable conservation and management of our forest provides us with enough wood to heat the stoves in the winter and the fruit trees are fertilized with the ashes that remain.

In our greenhouses and beyond, we grow all our vegetables 100% organically. There are various fragrant plants, herbs, mushrooms, alberola, vermentino grapes on the property!

It is an educational project in which we become wiser as we go along…

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